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19th February 2006

5:36pm: Jamie interview and new Gorillaz pic / Kong Studios update
First up we have a new interview with Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz co-creator, from RGD magazine. The article also includes a picture of Murdoc and Noodle that's only previously been seen on certain items in the Gorillaz Clothing range. Click 'Read More' below to see the scans (warning: large images, make take time to load on slower connections). Thanks to otherme from the artBOX forums for the scans.

And in other news, Bonesy was the first to send the news that the boxes that appeared in the Kong Studios lobby on Gorillaz.com last week, moved to Noodle's room, and are now lying open in her room. As always, more news as we get it on that. Additionally, there's a new feature in the Studio kitchen on Kong Studios - you can click the intercom when the ringing sounds, to get amusing messages from the collaborators who worked on Demon Days.

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