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17th February 2006

3:32am: Exclusive: watch Dirty Harry live at the Brits video!
As promised we have the video of Gorillaz' performance of Dirty Harry live at the Brits fully downloadable or viewable on the internet! A spokesperson for Gorillaz said yesterday that the performance cost £750,000 to put on, so see if you can spot where the money went. (if you need help downloading, click 'Read More' below for instructions on how to work Rapidshare and Megaupload). If someone wants to do screencaps, that would be cool, and I'll add them to the main item if you post links.

Watch the video online at YouTube by clicking here. (If the video skips, then click the 'pause' button, wait for the bar to fill up, then click play, and the video won't skip).

Download the video from Rapidshare here

Download the video from Megaupload here

update: and screen grabs now available! Thanks very much to angie for these! Click 'Read More' below, to see them.

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