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15th February 2006

1:58am: Official Gorillaz mobile (cellphone) game coming in April
The British Sushi sends the news that an official Gorillaz mobile phone / cellphone game is to be released in April 2006. The game is called "Gorillaz Entertainment System". It is composed of four easy-to-grasp, mini-games based on each of Gorillaz' band members; 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel. Murdoc's game is based on deflecting balls as seen in the Rock The House video, Russel's game involves him eating falling food, 2D must punch a punchbag in his game, and Noodle must use kung fu moves to smash balloons. The game was designed by a mobile game developer Mr.GoodLiving in collaboration with Jamie Hewlett's company, Zombie Flesh Eaters.

You can see the teaser video for the game by clicking here. (Mov format video, requires Quicktime to view).

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2:05pm: Dirty Harry to be performed at the Brit Awards tonight
87th sends the news that Dirty Harry will be performed at the Brits Awards tonight, including a performance by the same children's choir that performed at the Gorillaz' Manchester shows in November. Manchester Online has an article about the performance here. The Brit Awards are the UK equivalent of the Grammys - the UK music industry awards. Gorillaz are up for two awards at the ceremony, which takes place at London's Earl's Court - 'Best Group' and 'Best Album'. Check back later for more Brits coverage on Gorillaz-Unofficial including a video of the performance of Dirty Harry.
An anonymous person sends the news that Getty Images have pictures of the performance (as performed in rehearsals). Click here to see them.

LISTEN LIVE TO THE BRITS: mms:// (requires windows media player).

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10:18pm: Gorillaz go home empty-handed at the Brits
Gorillaz failed to pick up either awards they were nominated for at the Brit Awards tonight - 'Best Album' went to Coldplay's X&Y, and 'Best Group' went to the Kaiser Chiefs. Gorillaz performed Dirty Harry live and audio and video of the performance will be up on Gorillaz-Unofficial tomorrow night. A new picture of the live performance can be seen by clicking 'Read More' below.

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