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14th February 2006

10:21pm: Demon Days Grammy Edition - more details
A little while ago we posted the news that a new edition of Demon Days was coming out in Japan, called the 'Grammy Edition'. Now Dave MSKo09 sends some more information on the release. The tracklisting will be the same as the regular 15-track Demon Days, but there will be a bonus track 'Hong Kong (Live At Manchester Opera House)' as the sixteenth track. The release will have a paper slipcase with a new design, (to be announced). A Gorillaz sticker will also be included. Release date is 8th March in Japan only (it's a Japan exclusive) and catalogue number is TOCP66534 on the Toshiba-EMI label. Gorillaz completists can pre-order it from Amazon.com here or from hmv.co.jp here.

Special thanks to Maniacal_Laughter for help with Japanese translation for this news item!

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10:55pm: 'Demon Days Live' DVD cover revealed / UK release date
Dave MSKo09 sends the news that hmv.co.jp have the cover art for the Gorillaz' new DVD 'Demon Days Live'. As previously reported, this DVD will be a document of Gorillaz' live shows at Manchester Opera House in November 2005. (Only one full show will be on the DVD, plus bonus features). Click 'Read More' to see the cover image.

We can also announce the UK release date for the DVD - April 3. As previously announced, the DVD is out in Japan on March 29 and Australia on March 26. US and other release dates are expected to be announced shortly, as are details of bonus content included in the package. We'll post the information as soon as it becomes available.

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