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9th February 2006

12:42am: Gorillaz open Grammys with Madonna - watch the video! + Gorillaz win a Grammy
Gorillaz opened the 48th Annual Grammy Award show tonight, performing live with Madonna. The website projectblack.com grabbed the video!

Watch the video online by clicking here (YouTube)

Or download it on Megaupload by clicking here
Or download it from Rapidshare by clicking here
Screen captures (thanks to Adamantius!) and pictures of Damon and Jamie at the awards (thanks to Dohkikian!) now available! Click 'Read More' below, to view.

Gorillaz Grammy Nominations... and whether they won or not:-
  • "Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Feel Good Inc." WON!
  • "Best Urban/Alternative Performance - Dirty Harry" Lost - to "Welcome to Jamrock," Damian Marley.
  • "Producer of the Year, Non-Classical - Danger Mouse for Demon Days" Lost - to Steve Lillywhite
  • "Best Short Form Music Video - Feel Good Inc." Lost - to "Control," Missy Elliott Featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop
  • "Record Of The Year - Feel Good Inc." - Lost - to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", Green Day

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  • 11:33pm: Murdoc comments on working with Madonna
    Shadow sends the snippet from billboard.com:-

    "During rehearsals, group member Murdoc said he was in no way star-struck by the Material Girl. "I can honestly say that since jamming with us at the Grammys, Madonna can really say to herself, 'I've arrived,'" he said. "She should be very proud of herself." But once it came time for the real thing, Murdoc found himself severely distracted by his human collaborator. "I was right in the middle of a really tricky bass part when I saw her coming towards me," he said. "I immediately thought 'Uh oh! Stage invasion.' I almost swung my bass-axe at her. That frisky Ms. Madonna was all over me like a virulent case of thrush. I tell you though, close up, she's a real cracker. I mean, she even looks good when you squint." " Read the full article here. More comments from Murdoc and Russel in 'Read More' below.

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