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7th February 2006

2:22pm: Demon Days Live DVD release dates from official sites
Back in early January, Gorillaz-Unoffiical broke the news that Gorillaz' next DVD release would be a live DVD, a record of their November 2005 Manchester, UK performances. Gorillaz 'Demon Days Live' DVD now has official release dates in some territories, according to the official record label sites for those territories. In Australia, according to the official record company website here, the DVD will be coming out on March 26. In Japan, according to the official Japanese record company site here, release date will be March 29. As release dates for other territories are announced, you'll find them here on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com .

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2:33pm: Gorillaz / Madonna performance to be Feel Good Inc / Hung Up mashup
The Grammy Award ceremony takes place tomorrow, and will be broadcast on CBS in the United States at 8pm ET (those in the UK can watch it on ITV2 on 9 February at 9pm). A performance from Madonna and Gorillaz (in their 3D form, last seen at the MTV EMAs) will open the show. It has now been revealed that the performance will be a combination of the songs Feel Good Inc and Hung Up (Madonna's first single off her latest album). This was revealed in by the executive producer of the Grammy show, Ken Ehrlich, in an interview with the New York Daily News. You can read the whole interview here.

Also, with the Grammys airing on tv in the US tomorrow, I'd like to ask if any visitor to the site is able to record the Gorillaz performance and make an mpg / divx / mov file of it, or similar, to please do so so that we can get the performance up here for everyone around the world to see as quickly as possible. The same applies to screen caps. You can post links in the comments of the site, or email the site at gorillaz-unofficial@hotmail.com . Thanks!

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