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1st February 2006

4:06pm: Madonna and 3D Gorillaz to appear together at the Grammys
Jur sends the article from billboard.com here. Headline:-

"Madonna, Gorillaz To Open Grammys

The 48th annual Grammy Awards will open with a bang, as international superstar Madonna will be paired with "virtual band" Gorillaz. The group will be present via 3D color animation in what the Recording Academy is calling a first for network television. It is unknown what songs will make up the collaboration."

The Grammy Awards take place on 8 February and will be shown at 8PM ET on CBS in the United States.

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9:43pm: Gorillaz in Q magazine's 'Cash For Questions'
Gorillaz are the subject of UK music magazine Q's regular 'Cash For Questions' feature this month (March 2006, Sex Pistols cover). Some lovely new pictures and an all-new interview. Click 'Read More' below. Warning: large images to make text readable, may take time to load on slower connections).

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