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31st January 2006

2:05am: Gorillaz news round-up
A few short items of Gorillaz news:-

For those in France or Germany, on Arte TV on 31 January at 1:30am there will be a feature on Gorillaz on a programme called Tracks, details here including a short new interview with Jamie and Damon.

Secondly, Cit sends the news that the DFA Remix of DARE is getting a commercial release on a compilation of DFA remixes that is coming out called 'The DFA Remixes – chapter one'. More details here.

Lastly, Vicki G sends the news that Gorillaz ranked highly in major Australian radio station Triple J's 'Hot 100' of 2005 with Feel Good Inc at #3, DARE at #5 and Dirty harry at #41. You can check out the full Hot 100 here.

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1:28pm: 'The Story Behind Feel Good Inc' - article at mtv.com
MTV.com has a new article about the making of 'Feel Good Inc', to coincide with its Grammy nomination, with new comments from Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Danger Mouse. You can check it out here.

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