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26th January 2006

6:30pm: Gorillaz in Spin magazine
Gorillaz make several appearances in Spin magazine's January 2006 issue. As well as the previously-reported high placements in 'single of the year' and 'album of the year', there's a review of the Manchester live shows, and the band also picks a few of its favourite releases from the past year. Click 'Read More' to see the scans.

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6:36pm: Interview with Morgan Nicholls about his Gorillaz work, in Bass Guitar Magazine
This month's Bass Guitar Magazine features an interview with Morgan Nicholls, the bass player who played at the 'Demon Days Live' shows in Manchester, as well as playing on the session recordings that were used for the 'Demon Detour' virtual radio tour. To see the scans, click 'Read More' below. (warning: large scans to make text readable).

Gorillaz-Unofficial's note: the article rather over-ethuiastically calls Murdoc Mr.Nicholls's 'alter-ego'. However this is slightly misleading. Whilst it is true that Morgan Nicholls, who has been a friend of Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett for many years, provided the inspiration for Murdoc's name, the character of Murdoc is not directly based on Morgan Nicholls, and many other musicians have provided bass guitar 'as' Murdoc in the past.

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6:45pm: Gorillaz 'holographic' tour to cost £8million; possibility of stadium shows
Gorillaz 'holographic tour', as has previously been reported, will take place in late 2007 and 2008, according to the band's management. Speaking to UK music industry magazine Music Week at the MIDEM music conference, Chris Morrison (head of Gorillaz' management team) admitted that the tour will cost £8 million to bring about, with the final show lasting just over one hour. He explained: "It's a risk, but it's great fun. I'm aware there will be a wow factor with the first two songs, but beyond this people need great songs and a great show. But there are advantages as we can play everywhere at once and we can make the characters 20 feet big so we can play stadiums." It has also been reported that due to the vast expense, corporate sponsors are being courted to help finance the project.

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