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25th January 2006

3:42am: Demon Days instrumentals leak to the internet
It has been reported to (and confirmed by) Gorillaz-Unofficial that the instrumentals for Gorillaz' album Demon Days have leaked onto the internet. These are full quality versions of the songs with all the vocals removed. The source is unknown at this time.

To hear a sample of the instrumental of Last Living Souls, click here.

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4:26pm: Fourth single off Demon Days double A-side; release date
The fourth single to be lifted from Gorillaz' album Demon Days will be promoted as a double A-side - 'El Manana / Kids With Guns'. Kids With Guns has already picked up plays on UK radio (XFM, Radio 1) as 'the new Gorillaz single'. Meanwhile Gorillaz-Unofficial.com can reveal that the video for El Manana is currently nearing completion. It is not known at this time whether Kids With Guns will have its own video, or indeed whether 'Kids With Guns' track will feature on all physical formats of the single.

The official Gorillaz fansite confirms here that the release date for the single in the UK and Europe will be 10 April. The release date for the single in Japan is now 12 April (pushed back from a March release).

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