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21st January 2006

1:14pm: Gorillaz in 'Gamers' magazine - includes previously unseen pic of Noodle
:::nicedemon::: sends scans of Gorillaz' appearance in Mexican magazine 'Gamers', February 2006 issue. The text is a pretty standard mini-biography of the 'real life' story behind Gorillaz, with no new interviews (so don't worry if the text is too small for you to read). The highlight of the piece is a lovely previously-unseen picture of Noodle. Click 'Read More' below to see the scans.

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6:46pm: 3D Gorillaz to appear at Grammy Awards
It has been revealed that Gorillaz are to make an appearance - in their 3D form, last seen at the MTV EMAs - at this year's Grammy Awards.

News of the appearance was let slip by Toby Vogel, an events visual projections specialist who has worked on Gorillaz' live performances before, at the final of the Global DJ Challenge in South Africa. When asked by a journalist what he was up to next, Vogel replied: ""I'm creating three-dimensional holographic projections of Gorillaz live on stage for the Grammys". This was reported on an internet site here.

It is unclear what kind of appearance Gorillaz will be making (whether it will be a performance of a song or not). The Grammy website has not announced Gorillaz as performers so far, but full details of the show have yet to be released. The Grammy Awards take place on 8 February and will be shown at 8PM ET on CBS in the United States.

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