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18th January 2006

10:28pm: DARE hits the Billboard Hot 100... and dips out again
spaces sends the news (that passed us by at the time) that Gorillaz' single DARE actually entered the Billboard Hot 100 (official US singles chart) at #97, in the first week of 2006. In the second week it was up to #87. However it has left the charts in the third chart week of 2006. 'DARE' is only the third Gorillaz single to chart on the US Hot 100, following in the footsteps of Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc. Feel Good Inc is still going strong on the Billboard Hot 100, at #31 after 32 weeks on the chart.

You can check out Gorillaz' current chart positions every week, from both sides of the Atlantic, on the Gorillaz-Unofficial forums here.

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