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9th January 2006

6:59pm: Jamie Hewlett nominated for 'UK Designer Of The Year' for his Gorillaz work (UPDATE)
Nim sends the news that Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the animated band Gorillaz, has been nominated for the £25,000 UK Designer of the Year prize. The other nominees are the humanitarian designer Cameron Sinclair (the man behind 'Architecture for Humanity' a project for practical housing in the face of natural diasters), furniture designer Tom Dixon, and the design team behind UK newspaper The Guardian.

It will be possible to vote for Jamie on the Designer of the Year website at http://www.designmuseum.org at some point in the near future, but given that there is also a panel of professional judges, it is unclear what influence the public vote will have. There will be an exhibiton at the Design Museum in London, UK, from March 4 to June 18, which will showcase the nominated work, including Jamie's Gorillaz work. The winner of the prize will be announced in May.

UPDATED: 10/01/05 19:29 GMT: Emma sends the link to an article on the BBC with comments from the organisers exhibitions, including some more praise for Jamie here.

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