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2nd January 2006

4:23pm: 'Demon Days Live' DVD and El Manana CD listed on hmv.co.jp
Sue, owner of Gorillaz site Gorilla bis Pez (check it out), sends the news that the mail order site hmv.co.jp is listing both a 'Demon Days Live' DVD and a CD EP of 'El Manana', both due for release on 29 March 2006 in Japan.

According to the description on the site, the Demon Days Live DVD is a live concert DVD of the Gorillaz Manchester shows that took place in November 2005. Please note, release date may change, and may be different in other territories. Check out the listing for Demon Days Live here and the El Manana CD EP here. Jamie Hewlett exclusively broke the news to Gorillaz-Unofficial that 'El Manana' would be the fourth single release off 'Demon Days', back in November.

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