November 2nd, 2005

50 Cent disses Gorillaz

Dhenry sends the link to a story on here:-

Translation by Dhenry and monkeyz:-

50 Cent: "How can you really say, that these guys from the Gorillaz are the best artist if they don't even perform theirself? It's like saying: "Tonight! 50 Cent concert! Everyone behind a screen!" If I can do that... (ironically) "It's really nice, that the Gorillaz are nominated for Best Band, while they even aren't a normally functioning band! Who has actually seen them? Who has actually seen the Gorillaz? I want to be the Gorillaz. (ironically) I'll make myself an animated 50 Cent video and I'll bring it out instead of playing live"

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Download of 'Dirty Harry' (live from Manchester) to be released

Gorillaz are to release Dirty Harry (live from Manchester Opera House) as a legal download. You can pre-order it by texting 'GORILLAZ' to 81330 if you are in the UK (cost £1.50). Links will also be placed on to allow you to purchase the track by credit card (this track will be exclusive to The track will be available to download from November 21st, coinciding with the single release of 'Dirty Harry' in the UK.

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New Damon interview in Notion magazine - talks Gorillaz

There's a new Damon Albarn interview in Notion magazine (Uk magazine) this month. Damon is also the cover star. He talks about many things to do with Gorillaz, including how one of his daughter Missy's classmates was an inspiration behind 'Kids With Guns' and how Shaun Ryder, who sings in DARE, supported him in the mid-nineties. To read the full thing, click 'Read More' below.

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Manchester Opera House, 2nd November; post-show

Setlist: Intro / Last Living Souls / Kids With Guns / O Green World / Dirty Harry / Feel Good Inc / El Manana / Every Planet We Reach Is Dead / November Has Come / All Alone / White Light / DARE / Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head / Don't Get Lost In Heaven / Demon Days // Hong Kong / Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo?)

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