Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Musictap says US Gorillaz Bsides album pushed back / official reaction

Further updates on the rumours of a Gorillaz Bsides album to be released in the US (as reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial previously):-

One of the websites that was reporting that the album would be coming out, musictap.net, has now updated its information to say that "Virgin Records' planned release of B-Sides from Gorillaz has been pushed back from its original March 20 date to its new date of April 3."

Meanwhile, Gorillaz-Unofficial has been in touch with the official parties behind Gorillaz, whose reaction to the reports is: "'it's just rumour for now'". Any further developments in this story will be posted as and when they occur.

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