Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Damon: "We're making a Gorillaz film, and Terry Gilliam is involved"

Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn has spoken out on the progress of the Gorillaz movie idea. In an interview in the latest issue of UK music magazine uncut, Damon says that acclaimed director (Twelve Monkeys, Brazil) and Monty Python member Terry Gilliam is involved:-

" [Gorillaz] has been a fantastic journey which isn't over, because we're making a film. We've got Terry Gilliam involved. But as far as being in a big band and putting pop music out there, it's finished. We won't be doing that any more."

You can read the full interview from which the comment is taken, by clicking 'Read More' below. More info on Terry Gilliam on Wikipedia here.

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I've got to words to say: OMG! & WTF?

When i entered this site i saw a word that said "MOVIE" and i just got so happy...but really really happy! When i read the other part....i just wanted to kill myself.

I don't know how can i live without Gorillaz...really! Since this band came up i just loved it...not only the music, but the art(especially the art). This band made me go to the internet and draw a lot more EVERIDAY. Yes every day. I couldn't spend a day with gorillaz news, or something about gorillaz. I never liked a band so much. This band made me find my idol: Jamie(and damon too!)

It was a relly good time.....but its going to finish :((((((((((((((((((((((

I think that the gorillaz are going to come back....but in a long,long time... damon even said: "But isn't it really hip hop to retire and then come back?" and in the gorillaz:essentials jamie said that it would be funny if gorillaz came back in 30 years as big fat pop idols....

I relly don't know to expect...but since gorillaz are goin to finish, we will have a movie, a dvd, an autobiography(maybe more i hope!)

But...it will be good to see jamie and damon do something different...but it will be not the same...

Oh well life is like this...everything that is good finishes..
Gorillaz are simply brilliant..i will never forget them!
Since I know Gorillaz I also draw a lot.
Before I heard of Gorillaz my life was soooo boring... Every day I did the same boring things: Homework and wachting stupid soaps all day long. Thanx to Gorillaz I got something to look forward to ya know. Gorillaz are a part of me and I almost can't live without that part.
Omfg,, MIXED EMOTIONS! I wanna jusm up and down and break down crying at the same time!!! They're done? like forever?... they'll make SOME music right?.. but a movie?.. that's so awsome!!!!.. but then they're done................ X_X
No more music - very sad, certainly. But that makes the music they've made up to this point that much sweeter.

Movie news is so exciting!
Eh, Damon isn't done with the music side of Gorillaz. He won't be able to stay away from it.

As for the movie, with Gilliam involved, it should be awesome.
Most of you here are all like "OMG THEY BETTER NOT SPLIT UP!" and all this and that. And wanna know why would the split up or end the band. Have a thought came to mind that..oh I don't know..maybe they're tired? I mean it's not easy drawing them day after day and try to come up with new things for them to do. I would know, I'm an artist myself.

Why do you think it took them so long to make a second album? If they do end, it shouldn't matter because REAL fans will love them anyways. Real fans will still listen to their music and enjoy them. If they're making a movie, that's great. If not, that's fine too. It really shouldn't matter. Take me, I don't give a damn if they make a new album or not. I don't give a damn if they make a movie or not. Because I'll always and remember Gorillaz regardless what happens in the future.

So love them, even if they end. Listen to them, even if they end. Don't be mad at Damon and Jamie because of it. If this is what they want to do, let them do it. Not like you can do anything about it anyways.
ok first of all stop ur theories ur making alot of fans get hurt . First of all just leave damon albarn to make up his mind what he wants to do for gorillaz . It's his decision not yours . He just says what's on his mind instead of realizing what he's saying for hurting fans of gorillaz . Hey i never met the man myself but he's just hurting others just because of his selfish needs .

i'm sorry but i'm just saying what's the right thing


Re: You people are annoying


12 years ago


THERE HAPPY NOW ?????????????


Re: well .............


12 years ago

Re: well .............


12 years ago

D8 It's a shame that they won't be making anymore music....

...on the plus side, the movie idea sounds awsome. ^^


September 30 2006, 21:34:29 UTC 12 years ago

aw, that's too bad. i will miss the Gorillaz. Perhaps another will take the project's helm...

Am I the only one who thinks that Gorillaz isn't pop music at all??
Sure, they've hit the charts a couple of times, but still!
I sure hope he isn't gonna think the same way about Blur in the future...
Let's just hope this is another "NOMOREBLUR-EVER" (a year later another album hit the stores) quote of him, only about Gorillaz this time >>"
HEY you're all missing the point. quit whinging about 'OMG NO MORE GORILLAZ OHNOES DAMON IS MEAN >(((' because TERRY GILLIAM. dear god. i need to locate a defibrillator.
ok ok everybody i'm not sure if this gorillaz movie is true or not just because damon is sayin " Oh we are making a movie for now " doesn't mean it might happen for sure . If he posts a movie poster in this news section then its true if not then its just a rumor down the drain . I remember him saying" its just hiphop thing to retire and come back u know " Come on everyone let's just see if this so called "movie " is real or not . Just wait and see . He's tired of gorillaz because of their famous album demon days and he's grown sick of them performing on stage and that whole world tour thing has gone down the drain . He 's just saying whatever his little heart says . He's just following his destiny of becoming more famous with his new band since he didn't deserve the credit making gorillaz on phase 2 he just wants to get rid of them once and for all for good . And his words came straight from the horse's mouth .

It's so dumb that you accuse Damon just because you can't deal with his decisions. The whole thing started with him, and it kept going with him. If you love Gorillaz you have to appreciate what he's done with it, and understand why he would want to end it. He aid himself that he didn't want the project to go on too long, or it would just become old and lose its magic. Better to remember it for what it was, than to see it die slowly.
There was GUNNA be a Gorillaz movie and then the movie fell on its ass. The soundtrack basically became Demon Days.

Anyway, even if they do go out till whenever, I'm sure they'll come back, being a mostly-hip-hop act (as of Demon Days).
I'm the same guy as above, by the way.

I think now would be a good spot for the hiatus if they're (still very possibly having a chance) doing a tour in '08. End it with a DVD and a book and then WHAM! New live concert, another DVD (of the concert, like Demon Days Live), more money! However, it takes a lot out of a band doing tours (even if they're not real).
How come he always says that. They still have so much to do in life, they can't stop the zombie hip-hop ways now. But anyway, a movie does sound good. Hooray for Movies, Boo for Damon.
yeah damon 's words

"We won't be making music anymore "

my theory :

When the raven crows its last caw
Gorillaz are dead
When the bell rings its last toll
Gorillaz are gone
When the nightingale sings its last song
Gorillaz are no more

gahh... the movie's wonderful, and three cheers for terry gilliam, but no more music? drat.
Truth be told, though I love their music and the thought of them as a band, I'd rather have movies and TV shows about them.

Hopefully that's the case, not just one movie and the Gorillaz are over. If it ever leads to that, I'll find a way to buy out their copyrights myself and keep them living. <_<
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