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Survey for dissertation on Gorillaz - appeal for interested fans

You may remember we featured an article by Lucy Scott-Galloway back in March called 'Reject False Icons - the Gorillaz and Postmodernism'. Now Lucy is drawing on the ideas in the article for her Masters dissertation, and is interested in hearing from Gorillaz fans about their feelings about the band. If you're interested in helping out, then the full list of questions can be seen by click 'Read More' below, or downloading them as a text file here (right click, save target as). Please send all completed questionaires to lucyeliza@hotmail.co.uk, not us, thanks!

The Fans' Questionaire







Other artists/bands enjoyed (up to 5):

About Gorillaz

1. What genre do you consider Gorillaz music to be?

2. Are/were you a fan of Blur?

3. Are/were you a fan of Hewlett’s previous animation/art work?

4. Do you want to know more about the Gorillaz characters? If so, why?

5. Do you want to know more about the musicians working on the Gorillaz project? If so, why?

6. If you have been to a Gorillaz performance, how do you think it was different to live performances by other musicians/artists/acts?

7. If you have read interviews with the Gorillaz characters, do you read/perceive them differently to interviews with actual musicians/artists? If so, how?

8. When you listen to the music and visualise the performance, do you visualise characters or the actual musicians, or both?

9. Do you have a favourite band member? If you do, which one, and why?

10. Do you see yourself as being like any of the characters, and how?

11. What do you think are the main appeals of Gorillaz?

12. Do you think Gorillaz are realistic, in any ways?

13. Do you think Gorillaz are unrealistic in any ways?

14. Do you think Gorillaz are unique? If so, how?

15. Do you think other animated bands could become as popular as Gorillaz? Why/why not?

16. What Gorillaz merchandise do you own, including CDs?

17. Do you use/belong to any Gorillaz fan sites? If so, which ones, and what do you use them for?

18. Have you made friends, virtual or in real life, as a result of your Gorillaz fandom?

19. What do you think that being a Gorillaz fan suggests about you?

20. Are you on the Gorillaz official mailing list?

21. How do you think Gorillaz have changed over the past 5 years?

22. Do you think Gorillaz will continue to be popular for years to come? Why/why not?

23. Describe the extent of your fandom (what makes you think you’re a ‘fan’?)

Thank you for your time :-)"

Please send all completed responses to lucyeliza@hotmail.co.uk!

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