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Jamie and Damon give Maxim Radio their 'worst interview ever' (+ picture)

This is slightly old news now, but we've had a report (and picture) from someone who was listening to the 'Covino and Rich' radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio on the same morning that the previously reported Kiss FM interview took place ( coverage of that interview here).

The anonymous person writes: "I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio and Damon [Albarn] and [Jamie Hewlett] from the group were on live, in studio, with the guys from the Maxim Radio morning show - they called it their worst interview ever and talked about how drunk the guys were..... they sat and spun in their chairs the whole time staring at the lights in the ceiling, never kept the mics next to their faces, and wouldn't answer any of the questions at all, but they couldn't end it because the record execs were in the studio with them.

"[there's a picture on the Covino and Rich website] of Damon and [Jamie] humping each other while trying to take the pictures they always take when people come into the studio..... this was after the interview, then they took the picture during the commercial break, got them out of there along with the record execs, then started complaining and taking calls about how horrible all of that was.
". See the picture by clicking "Read More below.

To see the picture, click on the thumbnail below.

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Our anonymous sources continues:-

"No bias, no hate towards anyone, I enjoy the morning show and I enjoy the Gorillaz music, but it's very simple to put out there that the interview fell apart quickly, therefore the show ran with it as they often do trying to at least make entertainment for it. As I said, Maxim Radio and Sirius was very quick to apologize for the worst/most boring interview ever.".

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