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Damon Gorillaz interview from Kiss FM - listen to the mp3

Garwulf sends the news that Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn called into Kiss FM yesterday to be interviewed about Gorillaz. You can listen again to the interview by going here and clicking on the mp3 link. You can also read our transcript by clicking 'Read More' below. Let's just say the interview doesn't go too well!

UPDATE 04/04/06: It seems that the radio show that did the interview (the 'Bobby Bones' show) seriously pissed off the record company. According to a statement on their website here:- "After our crappy interview with the Gorillaz last week, we got in a little bit of trouble with the record label". They also link Gorillaz-Unofficial.com which is nice! Greetings to all the visiting KISS FM listeners. Just to point out one thing, the majority of regular users of this site are from the US. So there is certainly no overall anti-US bias here. Thanks.


Presenter: On the phone with us right now, Damon from Gorillaz! Hey Damon, good morning!
Damon: Good morning.
P: How's it going? I heard you guys had a long night getting into the States?
D: Pardon?
P: (aside) oh no, nothing. So...
D: What are you trying to say about me?
P: Oh, you guys had a long night getting into the United States...
D: Long night?
P: Yeah you just flew in, is that right?
D: Yeah I flew in last night, yeah.
P: Yeah, yeah. Alright Damon, so I guess my first question is, you know, what...
D: (interrupting) How, how on earth am I going to get here unless I have a long flight?
P: Hey, I heard you had a long *night*...
D: Unless you've invented a new form of travel...
P: Not a long *flight* a long *night*. That's what they said you guys were running. But you know man, whatever, (girl laughing in background) let's just move on. Let's move past that Damon.
Girl: let's start over
D: Well, you know...
P: Yeah, let's get to the Gorillaz. I got a lot of questions because, you know, I'm really familiar with Blur. I used to listen to Blur a long time ago. You know, back when.. And that was your band as well, right?
D: Yeah.
P: So now you're doing the Gorillaz. What was the whole thought process with putting the Gorillaz together with the animation and the music?
D: Pardon, sorry, say that again?
P: What was...
D: Sorry...
P: No, no, it's cool. What was the thought process behind putting the Gorillaz together, with the whole animation and the music?
D: Well, erm, It came about in a very organic way really. I was just sharing a house with Jamie, who does the animation. And we just kind of, er, you know, it's very difficult not to make Gorillaz when you're kinda living with a cartoonist.
P: So did you plan to put out a full album, and, y'know...
D: Do you know what, we never really had a plan, and everytime we do something we say, 'right, that's it, we're not doing anymore'. Which is, I don't know, make s it an interesting thing to work on. Because it's not a career. It's a definitely something you do because you really decide to do it.
P: We have Damon on the phone who is the man behind the music of the Gorillaz. How do you guys do live shows? Or maybe when you guys played the Oscars here, or the Grammys here, in the United States?
D: Well I had nothing to do with that. All I did was sit at the side of the stage and get, sort of, hurled against walls by Madonna's very big bouncers.
Girl: But when you guys do live shows, are you always going to be a cartoon character? Do you do shows where you actually come out in person and perform?
D: Well, not strictly. I mean, we're playing at the Apollo in Harlem this week, or next week, and there's a lot of us, like 70 musicians on stage. Some of them you can see, some of them you can't see.
Girl: But will the Gorillaz ever go on tour, and have you guys there, without any cartoons at all?
D: No.
Girl: No. Will you ever show your face?
D: That's not the point of it.
Girl: Okay.
P: Have you ever met Tina Turner?
D: Pardon? Have I met Tina?
(Girl laughs)
D: I have met Tina actually. Do you know what, I used to, erm, when I was a lot younger, I used to work as a night barman in a hotel called the Portobello. So she used to come round for eggs in the morning.
P: How does she like her eggs?
D: Pardon?
P: How does she like her eggs?
D: well, no, just the raw egg. We didn't cook eggs for. Well, having met both of them, I'd say, erm, well, I've met both of them. That's all I can say.
P: We have Damon from the Gorillaz on the phone. Hey, where are you guys from, Damon, originally?
D: Where am I from?
P: Yeah because you have like that Arkansas accent.
(Girl laughs)
D: Well, I'm from England. The source of the English language that you speak.
(Presenter laughs nervously)
(more laughing in the studio)
P: Oh Damon... alright. So what's up with this big show that you guys are doing, like I read that you guys are going to go on tour and do a holograph [sic] tour. Now is this right at all?
D: Erhm, well, I suppose we're kind of playing with that idea, but we've done like 3 and a half, four minutes of holograms on stage. I don't know if yet the technology is good enough for like an hour and a half of it, which is what you'd need for a tour. But then again, when we started it, erm, that wasn't even possible. So I think it's just a case of, it evolves with the technology. And maybe the technology's not quite good enough for us to be able to do a whole tour with it.
Presenter 2: So have you heard Kevin Federline's new song, what do you think of it? (laughing)
D: Pardon?
P2: (laughs) Kevin Federline. He's coming out with a new rap album.
D: Who is?
P: Kevin Federline. Big American artist.
D: I've no idea who he is, sorry.
P: Are you familiar with Eminem?
D: What, er, the sweets?
P: No, no, no, Eminem.
D: M n M's?
P: He's Eminem's protege, Kevin Federline.
D: Oh, no..
P: Not heard of him?
D: No. Sorry.
P: Alright man. Well this has just been a bag of fun. I really appreciate you calling into the show this morning.
D: Sorry about that, but I really haven't heard of him.
P: No, no, man..
D: I'm sorry.
P: It's okay
D: It's just you sounded disappointed that I didn't know who he is.
P: No, it's just, he's the next biggest thing...
D: Okay. He's the next big thing. Well, now I've heard of him.
P: We're all huge fans. Well, that's cool man. Well man, this has been a great interview. I appreciate you calling into the show.
D: My pleasure.
P: And much success to you, and much success to the Gorillaz,
P2: And the holograms
P: Yeah, and everything else buddy.
D: Thanks very much.
P: Okay, have a good day.
D: Cheers.
P2: Cheers! Bye bye.
(Damon hangs up)
P: What the hell was that about? (Girl and other presenter laughing) Could that guy be anymore deadpan and not caring? Like I got on the phone with him, and they've been flying in all night, and I says 'hey I heard you had a long night' and he's (affects English accent) 'of course unless you've invented a new form of travel, of course we had a long flight dumbass. It's not a one hour flight from ENgland. (affecting English accent) 'I'm from England you know the land of the language you speak'. Then [...] goes 'let me ask a question' so I go 'okay' and then he goes 'so you know Kevin Federline', and then he's laughing too hard to really ask it.
P2: Well because you start laughing and so I lose it!

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