Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Gorillaz perform 'Dirty Harry' live on the Jonathan Ross show (video and pictures)

Last night on the popular UK tv show 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross', Gorillaz gave a performance of Dirty Harry. To watch the video, or download it, or to see pictures from the performance, click 'Read More' below.

Watch the video online at YouTube by clicking here. (If the video skips, then click the 'pause' button, wait for the bar to fill up, then click play, and the video won't skip).

Download the video from Rapidshare here

Download the video from Megaupload here.


1. Left-Click one the rapidshare link above, this will bring up a new window.
2. Left-click the box that says 'Free', (you may have to scroll down to see it).
3. You may have to wait for up to 60 seconds before you can proceed to the next step (there will be a count down on the screen, when it is over, then you can continue), and then you may have to type in a code that is displayed.


1. Left click the megaupload link above. A new window will appear.
2. Wait for the countdown on the new window to reach 0, then click the download button (you will need to close the thing that scrolls down to cover the counter, before you can click the download button. You'll know what we mean when the thing starts to scroll down).


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April 1 2006, 21:46:14 UTC 11 years ago

First bitches.
Awesome xD Great pictures
Am I the only one who can't watch it on youtube and can't download it on both sites because the file isn't found?
I must say I was a bit disapointed. I thought they were gonna show El Manana. But it was still good as usual! =^_^=



April 1 2006, 22:17:18 UTC 11 years ago

Now I want to see that show!

Re: Oi!


11 years ago


April 1 2006, 22:09:31 UTC 11 years ago

Jonathan ross' hair has a fucking life of it's own.
It gets more ridiculous every time i see it.
Apparently he is classified as a gay icon!
That was random. Anyway yeah I think I prefer his old hair. =^_^=
Apparently Noodle was live enough to do a performance.
2D is wearing a DangerDoom shirt!


April 1 2006, 22:25:19 UTC 11 years ago

i was thinking in something diferent. oh D|
that was me


11 years ago


11 years ago

Did that dirt spot on the screen bother anyone else? I guess they didn't think they'd need it after the Brits and didn't take much care of it.

Amazing as usual. Booty Brown is so cool. And they all looked more bored than they did at the Brits..

I want a dangerdoom shirt. =O
I don't think Bootie gets into it as much live. That wasn't nearly as intense as the album version's rap.


11 years ago


11 years ago



April 1 2006, 22:56:27 UTC 11 years ago

I dont know but what in the name is Murdoc doing in the 11th picture. Possing???Well we already know how he is. But cool!!!
Oh man, Murdoc shaking his booty... Hubba-hubba... * blushes * XD
Many thanks for the download links!
Man, I love the 3D Gorillaz models. They just look so cool.



April 2 2006, 00:12:29 UTC 11 years ago

I just love the way 2D's dancing,it's so cute!
woohoo, i agree i agree
That was awesome!!


7 years ago


April 2 2006, 02:28:05 UTC 11 years ago

I wonder if the Gorillaz actually got the joke, too.
aren't those the same animations and such that they used in the Brits performance this year? Deja vu
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Re: Wait what?


11 years ago

Awesome. The 3D models are going to look great for the tour. 2D was so cute at the end when he was giggling/smiling.


April 2 2006, 02:49:33 UTC 11 years ago

I loved! In this video they appear well more than in the other of brit...2D is very cute...noodle besides..



April 2 2006, 06:20:51 UTC 11 years ago

Whoever the L was in charge of camera direction needs to take care of that ADHD ASAP. It's so very very aggravating when the view is jumping to a new angle every other second.

Aside from the kids and the ladies on string, a boring performance overall. Why doesn't Bootie Brown do a growl before his rap like he does on the studio version of the song? And would it kill Noodle or Murdoc to at least pretend like they're playing an instrument?
Don't get me wrong, I love Gorillaz live. heck, the Demon Days Live DVD was the best DVD in the world. However, this was disappointing.
I liked it.... but it sounded as though they just played the studio track, cut the rap, choir and strings, and made em live.
The 3D models were good... but I was sort of hoping for a EMA-style hologram performance. Noodle was hawt :P
I can't beleive I forgot this was on TV. Anywho, great performance, I liked Murdoc's moves lol! Thanks for sharing.



April 2 2006, 11:21:12 UTC 11 years ago

Yea,I love gorillaz in 3D performance...Jamie,good work!! :*

2D's Shirt


April 2 2006, 12:45:39 UTC 11 years ago

not sure if anyone knew but....2D'S WEARINF AN "OFFSPRING" SHIRT!!! i know coz i got one
It's not an Offspring shirt.
It's a DangerDoom shirt.

Re: 2D's Shirt


11 years ago

HAHAHAHA! I loved it! ♥
That was so awesome.
I cracked up the whole time because of Murdoc.
He's hysterical.
If this was a taste of the 2008 concerts, it will be ONE FREAKING GOOD TOUR.
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