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MTV Cribs - Gorillaz episode (download) - updated with screen caps

Gorillaz' MTV Cribs episode is truly remarkable. Watch in awe as Murdoc pisses on his MTV Awards, disses the whole idea of Cribs and the vacuous nonentities that appear on it, and even finds time to show us a whole new side of Kong Studios. Even more surprising is that MTV UK made Gorillaz' Cribs their #1 Cribs in their '50 Greatest Cribs' countdown today. The episode will be airing on MTV in the US early in the new year.

To get the video download, and read a transcript, click 'Read More' below. Download from Rapidshare or Megaupload or Youtube.

Update 28/12/05: transcript is now accompanied by a large selection of screen grabs.

Location 1: Rapidshare (scroll down for Megaupload)

LINK: http://rapidshare.de/files/9876790/Gorillaz_MTV_Cribs.mpg


1. Left-Click the link, this will bring up a new window.

2. Left-click the box that says 'Free', in the new window (you may need to scroll down).

3. Wait until you are allowd to download (up to 45 seconds, the page will do the countdown). After that, you will need to enter a code of 2-3 letters/numbers.

4. Click "Start Download"

5. If you mess up, you won't be able to try to download it again until after a few hours, so try checking back later. But if you do everything right, in theory, you should have no problems.

Location 2: MEGAUPLOAD

LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DTY7DIOL

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the link to open a new window. Wait for the countdown to go to 0, then click the link that appears to download.

Location 3: Youtube (special thanks to BeardedWolf)

Just click the link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=IfCnB0E_Es4


TEXT ON SCREEN: 48 or 49 rooms (maybe more). Private cinema. In-house studio. Own gateway to Hell. 205,098 sq.ft plus. A hilltop in Essex, UK

*shot outside the studio*

*doorbell rings*

Murdoc: Oh yeah.. Oh.. I forgot you lot were coming. Right.

*opens door, is standing in a towel*

Murdoc: hi... I'm Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz. Welcome to my crib.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Murdoc Nicalls. BassPlayer. Jailbird, Satanist & Mastermind of Gorillaz. Height: 5ft7" Date of Birth: 6/6/66

*in the lobby*

Murdoc: Come on in. Let me show you round, right.. okay.. this is Kong Studios, the Gorillaz HQ. Home of the world's biggest band, y'know...

*Murdoc walks through the lobby*

Murdoc: So come on little chicken, I'll take you round the ranch.

*in the studio*

Murdoc: Okay! This is a treat now, folks! I'm going to show you where Gorillaz make our multi-million selling albums, y'know. D-d-d-don't touch anything! Don't touch what you can't afford, d'you know what I mean? Watch the cloth, moth, har har! This is where, like, the magic happens, y'know?

*Russel is hammering together parts of his customised stuffed warthog in the studio*

Murdoc: That is Russel. There's our drummer, Russel. Best drummer in Gorillaz, har har har! Actually I don't think he is. I might be better.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Russel Hobbs: Drummer. Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NYC. Weight: 340lbs. A Mounatin of Madness. Hobbies: Taxidermy, Hip Hop.

Russel: *growls*

*cut to shot of Murdoc looking sheepish*

*Murdoc points to the V-Bass*

Murdoc: I used this little baby here, for the Feel Good Inc track, y'know? Little beauty...

*shot of Murdoc sitting in the studio chair*

Murdoc: uh.. let's see.. uh.. we've had De La Soul, D-12, Roots Manuva, all the Gorillaz collaborators, and that's easy for you to say, they've all been here. they've been through this place. Actually some of them did. They've rifled through my draws. It wasn't very pleasant, I was in them at the time, har har!

*'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head plays*

Murdoc: This is a track we made with Mr.Dennis Hopper. Actually he loves Gorillaz. Who could blame him?

*camera moves to graffiti on wall, saying 'Murdoc Is A Nob signed Dennis Hopper*

Murdoc: *reading it* Murdoc is a nob...? Uh... I'll get him..

*cut to Murdoc walking down corridor*

Murdoc: This is me, cutting an onion

*cut to picture of Murdoc cutting an onion*

Murdoc: Oh look, our singer 2D's in here... HEY! Face ache!

*Murdoc throws a can at 2D's head, 2D turns round to look at Murdoc*

TEXT ON SCREEN: 2D. Singer. Girlfriend: Used to date Rachel Stevens... You lucky lady! Interests: painkillers, flickcombs, Zombie films, melodica

Murdoc: Ah, he's a lovely little feller.

*cut to shot of Murdoc urinating in the studio toilets*

Murdoc: So I said to her, 'love! You were great in the Mexican. And it wasn't until like 2 days later, that I realised that Cameron Diaz wasn't in The Mexican! I tell you what, y'know. I've seen quite a few episodes of MTV Cribs. And every house is the same, y'know? What's all that about? The first thing these peasants do when they get any money, y'know, is buy some tacky showhome, and then fill it all up with all this [CENSORED]. They call it culture, they wouldn't know what a culture was if it jumped up and bit them, y'know.. and took them on holiday. Peasants! [CENSORED] scumbags. Shall we see if Noodle's in?

*cut to Noodle's room*

Murdoc: Oh... this looks great in here!

TEXT ON SCREEN: Noodle: Guitarist & Asian Axe Princess. Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan. Age: 13. Likes: Johnny Thunders, Richie Sambora. Arrived in a FedEx Crate.

Murdoc: Actually, this is the place where we filmed the video to our track DARE. Far out man!

Noodle: [Something in Japanese]! It's my room! Get out! Get out! *throws Gameboy at Murdoc*

*cuts to carpark*

Murdoc: Hey! Look at this. Here is the Geep we used in the 19/2000 video, y'know? That will cost you more than a space shuttle. And that over there, is my winnebago. This is the payoff! My love shack on wheels. This is the real heart of Kong, y'know? The crib's crib. My prized possession, y'know?

*inside winnebago*

Murdoc: And over here on the wall are some of my famous celeb chums. That's me over there with Angelina... [CENSORED] her, she was alright. Ah, that's me and Cameron, [CENSORED]. And that's Courtney, [CENSORED] her too. I wish I hadn't... and that bloke over there, see, that's my dad. [CENSORED].

*cut to Murdoc on the bed*

Murdoc: Hey! You there! Why don't you jump in next to me and come and feel the quality of these sheets. Real Eqyptian silk, mmm-mmm... [CENSORED] no! no! Don't touch that! Actually, I think it's time you left.

*back in lobbby*

Murdoc: So! That's my crib, baby. Hope you had a wonderful time, and gained an insight into the wild, wild ways in which Gorillaz live. Hey, listen, I've got some, er, some work to do, y'know? It's pretty important. So you lot better [CENSORED]!


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