We're back [posted by 2-J on Sunday 3 January 2016|14:46pm]
Gorillaz will be returning in 2016, according to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

And Gorillaz-Unofficial will be back to cover all the news and updates, just like we did in Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Expect some changes and updates around here in the coming weeks.

The forum is up and open for registration so you can get discussing your Phase 4 predictions now.

Forum member Jordan Powers has compiled a list of recent Damon and Jamie Gorillaz comments on the forum, too.

It's good to be back!
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Jamie comments on future of Gorillaz at Monkey NYC event [posted by 2-J on Sunday 23 June 2013|23:26pm]
Damon and Jamie's opera Monkey is having a run in New York City from July 6 to July 28. All ticketing and event information is available through the Facebook page here.

Yesterday Jamie made a personal appearance at the Lincoln Center to promote the show, and Gorillaz fan TwoDent23 was there, recording Jamie's comment about the future of Gorillaz and passing it on to us.

Jamie said: ""There's also a five years gap between the albums because they take a long time to do and- and they're very exhausting and when you're finished you feel like you need to go do other stuff. So Damon's touring with Blur- hes doing a world tour with Blur at the moment and then they're working on a new album so there isn't really time for him, and I'm doing other stuff as well. So I think it's, um, we'll come back to it when the time's right. But also the music industry's changed so much since we started doing Gorillaz. There's no money- in the industry so you know you get these amazing new bands, like the Stripes from Ireland, kind of fourteen years old, you know, the best rhythm blues guitarist you've ever seen. Age fourteen, make songs and film it in their bedroom. It doesn't cost anything, and so Gorillaz is kind of expensive. It's expensive to do because it's animated. ...(the interviewer mentions how they cant age, they can reunite whenever)... So there's plenty of time basically."

Remember, for all the latest on Gorillaz and Monkey, follow the Gorillaz-Unofficial Twitter @gorillaz_u and / or visit the Gorillaz-Unofficial forums at forums.gorillaz-unofficial.com.
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Jamie Hewlett Q&A on Twitter TODAY (Thursday 6th) 2-3pm BST - updated with transcript [posted by 2-J on Thursday 6 September 2012|08:23am]
Today (Thursday 6th September) between 2-3pm Jamie will be doing a Q&A on the Alfred Dunhill Twitter account. All you have to do is tweet questions to @Alfred_Dunhill using the hashtag #Voice and Jamie will try and answer them all.

At the end, Jamie will pick the best question and then draw a Gorilliaz style cartoon based on that users Twitter profile picture.

UPDATE 19:12BST:- The Q&A is now over. Click 'Read More' below to read all the questions and answers! Thanks Alfred Dunhill and Jamie!

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News update: Blur gigs and media, Gorillaz Converse, Damon and Afel Boucoum, Magician Impossible [posted by 2-J on Tuesday 31 July 2012|10:08am]
G-U is on holiday at the moment but we're still managing to tweet - so the best place for the latest news at the moment is the G-U twitter at http://www.twitter.com/gorillaz_u where we've been keeping up with all the latest.

Firstly, the truly Gorillaz news we have is that Converse have, as we previewed earlier, released a new range of Gorillaz shoes. You can check them all out on the Converse site here.

Beyond that, it's all about Damon's band Blur at the moment (Jamie just got back from holiday, according to his Twitter!). They have been doing interviews promoting their live shows and especially their 21 disc anniversary box set, which is available now worldwide (there is also a vinyl box, and standalone 2CD reissues of all their albums available).

They are playing the following shows / sessions over the next couple of weeks:-

31/07/12 - Steve Lamacq show Radio 6Music live gig / songs 16:00 - 19:00 BST.
31/07/12 - Jo Whiley show Radio 2 live gig 2000 - 2130 BST
01/08/12 - Winter Gardens, Margate, UK
02/08/12 - 100 Club, London, UK
05/08/12 - Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
06/08/12 - Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
07/08/12 - Pavilions, Plymouth, UK
09/08/12 - Smukfest, Skanderborg, Denmark
10/08/12 - Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
12/08/12 - Closing Ceremony Celebration Concert, Hyde Park, London, UK

You can listen to the Radio shows wherever you are, and may even be able to watch them live as well. A BBC blog has all the info on how to access the shows - click here.

There's loads more links to Blur's recent media coverage on the Twitter - the recent Q magazine Blur cover feature, Blur on the culture show on BBC2, Damon talking about Blur's album Parklife to The Sun.

Blur also released a new iphone / ipad app. If you don't have an iphone or ipad you can check out some of the video from the app here

On the twitter you'll also find links to a performance and media interview with Damon and Afel Boucoum to raise awareness for the Sahel hunger crisis, and a video of Damon on the tv show Magician Impossible. Thanks for bearing with us and normal service will be resumed shortly.

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Blur / Electric Wave Bureau / JJ Doom / Dr.Dee roundup / Umbro / Ghostigital(?) / Africa Express [posted by 2-J on Saturday 21 July 2012|05:50am]
A quickfire news summary of the latest Damon, Jamie and Gorillaz news. The Gorillaz-Unofficial Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/gorillaz_u ) is currently what we're updating the fastest, and you don't need to be on twitter to read it, so for all the latest up-to-the-minute news check there this summer.

Electric Wave Bureau
Damon's in a new-ish (they've been around for at least a year without announcing anything) group / collective called Electric Wave Bureau. It's Electric Wave Bureau who've done the music for Rufus Norris' film Broken. Mike Smith is also in the group. Check out we currently know on the G-U forums here, including further links.

Blur announce 'secret' 100 Club show and BBC sessions / CD single and merch
*In addition to their previously announced summer 2012 dates, Blur will play London's tiny 100 Club on 2nd August (most tickets for journalists / guestlist).
*They will also play 2 BBC Sessions on 31st August, one for BBC 6Music Radio (on the Steve Lamacq show) and one on the Jo Whiley show for Radio 2 the same day. You can listen on the internet via the BBC site and we'll post all the relevant links near the time to listen live.
*In other Blur news, Blur's single Under The Westway / The Puritan is getting a release on CD single as well as the previously announced 7", and the CD single includes instrumentals and an acoustic version. It's only available from the Blur shop here. *The Blur shop also has a new range of Blur merchandise.
*Finally, William Orbit, who Blur worked on initially for Under The Westway but who didn't produce the final officially released track, leaked his version to the internet - apparently. EMI have been taking down links to the version but you can occasionally find it by searching youtube...

Damon in Umbro advertising campaign
Damon is one of Umbro's (sportswear company) 'faces of England' advertising the new England soccer strip. Check it all out on their site here

Damon features on Ghostigital record - they say
Ghostigital (of which Einar Orn, longtime Damon collaborator, is one half) released a new album on 30 June (according to their official site) or 25 June (according to iTunes). They claim it features Damon Albarn though he doesn't sing on the record. All the info we've managed to dig up is here.

Dr.Dee reviews, articles
Dr.Dee has ended its London run, we collected the reviews and final media appearances on the G-U forum thread here

Africa Express train tour dates and tickets
Damon's previously announced Africa Express early September train tour of the UK has announced some official dates and you can buy tickets. Check out all the announced dates so far on the official Africa Express site here

Damon features on JJ Doom track - release details
We reported previously that Damon was due to appear on a JJ Doom track, it's now announced the track will be 'Bite The Thong' and it will be out on the album 'Key To The Kuffs' on 21st August. All the details here.

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Premiere of Blur's new double A-side single, interviews, performance - all the links (UPDATED!) [posted by 2-J on Monday 2 July 2012|15:41pm]
UPDATE 20:00 BST: The streams are now over but you can listen to the live and studio versions on demand (live also with video)

Youtube official uploads of the studio versions:

The Puritan
Under The Westway

The live tracks, both of them, can be streamed on demand here on Blur's official site.

Here's all the essential info about the launch of Damon's band Blur's new double A-Side single. We'll update this item later after the interviews and performances.

Under The Westway (studio version) from the single will premiere on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC6Music. The show starts at 16:00 BST and runs till 19:00 BST. You can listen online worldwide here. Steve will also be interviewing a member of Blur.

Blur will perform live, performing a song at 18:15 BST, followed by an interview, and a second song at 19:15 BST. This will be accessible via a live stream. ThisIsFakeDIY have a link to the stream on their site here.

Zane Lowe will be playing the song The Puritan (studio version) from the single on Radio 1 at 19:30 BST. (Zane's show is on 19:00 to 21:00) You can listen live at the following link here. Damon will be chatting to Zane on the show.

Finally, XFM have an interview with Alex from Blur and will be playing both songs (appparently after 19:30) on their Drivetime show. You can listen to that at the following link here.

After the songs are played, they are due to be uploaded to iTunes to buy tonight.

The single will also be released on limited edition 7" on August 6th and is available to pre-order now here.

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Blur to release new single, premiere 2 July / Syrian sessions LP(?) / Dr.Dee promotion (UPDATED) [posted by 2-J on Monday 25 June 2012|15:48pm]
Gorillaz Syrian sessions material to get a release(?)
  • This one is still a bit of a rumour at present, but longtime G-U contributor and Damon fan dubchimp has posted on the official Blur forum "The guys at Honest Jons informed me that the sessions that Gorillaz recorded in Damascus in 2009 will be developed into some very hard arabic style music featuring Omar Souleyman and Waed Bouhassoun. When this begins is unconfirmed."

    Blur to release new double A-Side single, premiere on Twitter
  • Damon'a band Blur have been teasing this release on their Facebook and Twitter since 19 June, but today it was officially announced that Blur to debut two new songs on Twitter via a video stream on Julyy 2nd. At 6:15pm BST on July 2 they will perform the first song, an interview with the band will follow the performance of the first track before they will debut the second song at 7:15pm. Both songs will then be immediately available to download. A double A-side 7" single of the songs will be released by Parlophone on August 6. The two songs will be 'Under The Westway' as performed by Graham and Damon at the Warchild benefit gig and by Damon on the radio, and 'The Puritan' as performed by Damon alone acoustically at the recent London poetry event. Bassist Alex James also added in his video interview that the two tracks will be performed on a roofop somewhere in London. Check out the NME.com report here and Alex's video message on Youtube here. The official Blur twitter, with some teaser images promoting the two tracks, is here

    Dr.Dee promotional interviews and videos
    Damon's opera Dr.Dee opens its London run today. Tickets still available here. Damon's been doing some promotion for the run, too, check out these links:-
  • A Short vid of Damon promoting the London run of Dr.Dee on BBC Breakfasthere
  • A video of Dr.Dee at Selfridges on Youtube here
  • A video of the rehearsals for the London run, courtesy of the ENO, on Youtube here
  • An interview with Damon and Rufus about Dr.Dee on the Q site here

    More on the 'Broken' film, Rufus Norris with Damon music / another project(?) (UPDATE)
  • As we've been reporting, Rufus Norris (the Dr.Dee director) has made a film 'Broken' and Damon is apparently doing the soundtrack. Interestingly, Rufus says in the Q interview linked above, ""Damon and I have also done a film between Dee 1 and Dee 2 and that will be opening at the beginning of next year and our next project will be grown from there." perhaps indicating that Broken will not be out till next year (it premiered at the film festival Cannes recently).
  • The Unofficial Damon Albarn Tumblr tipped us off that there are some preview clips of the film on Youtube already, one features what is apparently some of Damon's score! Check it out here (thanks to the Damon unofficial tumblr here.

    Update on 'Boy In The Oak' film UPDATED!
    As far back as May 2010, Damon was reported to be working on the soundtrack to a short film based on 'The Boy In The Oak' a book by his sister Jessica Albarn (which was released in September 2010). Jude Law was said to be narrating the short film. There have been some rumours about the short film since then, with festival screenings and a tv showing apparently proposed, but nothing concrete has surfaced and now Jessica Albarn has spoken out on the subject, saying in interview: "I wrote a book, The Boy in the Oak, which is a dark fairy tale that I illustrated and am now writing the second one. I have a couple of other things on the boil and we might make the book into a film as well. We’ve done a short film and the script is being written for the feature. Damon has been involved in the short film. We will have the script done very soon and we will start looking for funding.’. Read the full interview with Jessica Albarn here.

    Boy band Big Time Rush release Windows Down, based on Blur's Song 2
    On 22nd June, boy band Big Time Rush released a new single 'Windows Down' which is musically based on Blur's Song 2. Check it out on Youtube here

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    New Gorillaz image/Jamie posts more art/Damon performs new Blur song/Damon working on new musical [posted by 2-J on Friday 15 June 2012|12:16pm]
    New Gorillaz image promoting Dalai Lama's visit to the UK
    The Dalai Lama begins a UK tour today. Jamie has contributed a new Gorillaz image to promote the visit. You can check it out on the official Facebook of the visit here.

    Jamie posts more art on Twitter
    Jamie's been tweeting a lot, becoming a one-man reason to get on Twitter if you haven't already. He's also posted three more previously unseen pictures, find them at these links: Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 | Picture 4 | Picture 5

    New Bobby Womack video on Youtube
    There's a new official low budget video for Bobby's track 'Whatever Happened To The Times' on Youtube now, from his Damon-produced and featuring album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe', out most places now. Check it out on Youtube here.

    Damon performs 3 songs at Poetry event
    As we previously reported he would, Damon appeared at a poetry night at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall last night. He performed 3 songs with an acoustic guitar: The Marvlous Dream (from Dr.Dee), Soldier's Tale (from The Good, The Bad & The Queen) and a new Blur song, which he said should be out in a 'few weeks'.
    Check out audience videos on Youtube here:- The Marvelous Dream | Soldier's Tale | New Blur song - unconfirmed title

    Damon to work on new "chanson française" -inspired musical, he says
    Damon has revealed in an interview with French magazine Paris Match that he is currently working on a new musical in the style of "chanson française" (roughly, the tradition of French Popular Music, including artists such as Edith Piaf, whose records Damon played backstage before Dr.Dee's Onefest appearance recently). This is the first mention Damon has made of this project.
    You can check out the full interview (in French - we'll try and have a full translation up soon) here.

    'The Child Of Love' set to work with Damon and MF Doom according to report from thisisfakeDIY
    This isolated report could mean any number of things, from just the fact that 'The Child Of Lov' will also be appearing on JJ Doom (the forthcoming project which is a collaboration between Jneiro Janel and MF Doom, on which Damon and Beth Gibbons have previously contributed to a track) or that he will be on the same track as Damon. Or, potentially, it might not even be on JJ Doom, though that's the only Damon-Doom collab we've heard about on the horizon before now.
    Check out the full report here.

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    Jamie on twitter / shares new art [posted by 2-J on Wednesday 13 June 2012|10:04am]
    If you haven't found out already, the latest news is that Jamie has joined Twitter and has been tweeting a lot in the past few days. You can find his account here: here, so get on Twitter and get following.

    Perhaps most excitingly of all for Jamie fans, he has been sharing new art, some of which appears to be the first publicly shared fruits of his desire to get into painting. He's also promised there's more to come.

    Check out the new art: Nancy Sinatra painting | another painting | Nosferatu picture | 'The Halloweeners' (in his more usual style) | his twitter background (we are assuming he is the artist of this onem no confirmation yet)

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    More Gorillaz Converse incoming (apparently) / Bobby Womack news roundup / Damon 5 mag + Jools vids [posted by 2-J on Sunday 10 June 2012|10:05am]
    Big news update! Sorry for being slow for the last week or so, and rest assured normal service will now be resumed.

    More Gorillaz Converse incoming (apparently)
    Rumours of a second set of Gorillaz Converse have been flying around the net (with pictures backing up some of the claims) since at least February (when we reported on the rumour, with the pictures here, various release dates have been associated with them (from summer 2012 to early 2013)
    Now the most definite info yet has appeared, with website kicksonfire.com reporting here that the new range will be out 'winter 2012'. Also two of the designs appear to have changed quite a bit from the earlier leaked pictures, and the grey Converse briefly seen in the DoYaThing video is also now included, to make up a set of 5 different pairs.

    Bobby Womack news roundup
  • Bobby Womack's album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe', co-produced and with some instruments by Damon, is out now in Japan, on Monday in the UK and Tuesday in the USA, with releases in other countries around these dates.
  • On May 24th Bobby's Facebook page reported that he had successfully undergone treatment for colon cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer back in March but a tumor that was recently removed ended up being cancer free.
  • The Guardian newspaper interviewed him while he was still in hospital and you can read that interview here
  • Rolling Stone has a special video / performance of Deep River from the album to view on their site here
  • The official XL youtube channcel uploaded Dayglo Reflection from the album (featuring Lana Del Rey) to youtube here.
  • Recently-announced Bobby Womack gigs have been slightly postponed. The London Heaven gig will now take place on 12th July (originally scheduled for 14th June), ticket details here.
  • Ordering the new album on CD from recordstore.co.uk will get you a free bonus DVD, while stocks last. All the details, and to order, click here

    Damon video in 5 Magazine
  • 5 Magazine is a digital magazine owned and run by England footballer Rio Ferdinand. Damon is on the (digital) cover of the lastest issue and there's a video interview with him too! Check out the magazine here, the Damon article begins on page 24, on page 26 you can click the play button to watch the video interview with Damon. On page 28 you can click the play button to watch a short promotional video about Africa Express featuring Damon.

    Damon appears in Jools Holland program about London, clip on Youtube
  • Damon was on a Jools Hollands program about the music of London last night, Dr.Dee was mentioned and he talked about the bells he had had cast. You can watch the full Damon-featuring clip on Youtube here.

    Murdoc's Birthday
    We missed it - we're sorry, Murdoc - the dark lord of Stoke-On-Trent turned 46 on June 6th. Happy very belated birthday Murdoc. (in other news, on 28th May he took to Twitter to - in a single tweet - reassure a fan that he was not dead. Check it out on his twitter here.

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    2Ds birthday / Poetry event w/Damon / William Orbit / Broken film / Ke$ha uses Song 2 / Blur tumblr [posted by 2-J on Wednesday 23 May 2012|17:57pm]
    All the latest news...

    2D's birthday
    2D, Gorillaz member on lead vocals and keys, is 34 today! Happy birthday 2D!

    Damon to appear at poetry event
    Damon will appear as one guest among many at a poetry event in London on June 14th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Called "P O E M! 2012 - The Poetry Olympics Enlightenment Marathon" it is organised by poet Michael Horovitz, who is quoted on the Gorillaz song Stylo (the 'a giant fish....' part). Damon also previously took part a Poetry Olympics organised by Horovitz in 1996. For tickets for this new event, click here.

    More William Orbit comments about Blur / Damon, this time to NME
    NME.com have an article on their site here, published today, which quotes William Orbit as saying about the Blur sessions he produced for the band this year: "The new stuff sounded amazing. Then it all stopped suddenly. It was all over with Damon, and the rest of the band were like, 'is this it?'. As we've been reporting on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit has recently called Damon a 'pig' and a 'shit to the rest of Blur' on Twitter. It does seem however, according to Damon's comments to fans at the Dr.Dee Amsterdam Q&A and his comment promoting Dr.Dee on the Andew Marr show recently, that Blur have done more recording sessions since Orbit was removed as producer earlier in the year.

    Damon at Cannes promoting 'Broken'
    As we reported back in late April, Damon has contributed the soundtrack to the forthcoming Tim Roth film 'Broken'. There are no official release details for the movie yet (or its soundtrack) but Damon was out in France at the Cannes film festival in recent days, to attend the premiere screening. The Damon unofficial tumblr has pictures of this here. We'll bring you further news on Broken and its soundtrack as it emerges.

    Ke$ha uses musical elements of Blur's 'Song 2' for new song
    In recent days an apparently new Ke$ha song has leaked to the internet, reputedly called 'Woo Hoo' and due to appear on her new album (neither fact is yet confirmed). This track uses musical elements of Song 2, though it appears not to be a direct sample. The record company has been removing clips of it from Youtube but as of time of posting, these still work: (low quality, full) here and a HQ snippet collection is here.

    Official Blur tumblr
    Blur now have an official tumblr here, already some exclusive content has been posted (such as memories from Damon's bodyguard Smoggy) and if you sign up here you can enter to ask a question of Ben Hillier, the producer of Blur's 2003 album Think Tank.

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    Damon collaborates with JJ Doom / Dee Guardian session / Dee chart news / Orbit still dissing Damon [posted by 2-J on Monday 21 May 2012|13:02pm]
    A lot of little news items to bring you over the last few days. The Dr.Dee album promotion is now over. The Bobby Womack LP is due to be the next Damon-related release (Damon produced it and guests), and is out on June 11th in the UK (12th in the USA, 6th in Japan). The London run of Dr.Dee (25th-7th July at the London Coliseum) is Damon's next advertised series of performances though there is speculation that he may put in an appearance at Bobby's 14th June 2012 performance at London's Heaven venue.

    Damon records with producer Jneiro Jarel and Beth from Portishead apparently for JJDoom with MF Doom
    On 19th May, producer Jnerio Jarel tweeted that he had 'just' done a song with Damon and Beth from Portishead, adding the hashtag '#JJDoom'. JJ Doom is the title of a collaborative project between Jneiro Jarel and MF Doom (read the original tweet here. Pitchfork reported in February here that JJ Doom's first album would be called 'Key To The Kuffs' and that it would be out in May, however it seems that the album has been pushed back now (with no firm release date apparent) and so this Damon / Beth collaboration could yet be included on the album.

    Dr.Dee Guardian Session
    Video of session tracks recorded at the studio of UK newspaper The Guardian (O Spirit, Animate Us and Apple Carts) introduced by Damon himself, which didn't quite make it out in the album's first week of release. Check it out on the Guardian website here

    Chart Update for Dr.Dee
    The Dr.Dee album charted at #42 in its first week in the UK charts, and was out the top 100 the week after (this week). In the US, it did not chart on the Billboard 200. Got an official Dr.Dee chart position for your country, with a source? Send it in and we'll update this news item.

    William Orbit still dissing Damon
    As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit took to Twitter and Facebook earlier this year to mention that he had recorded at least 2 new tracks with Damon's band Blur. Later, as we also reported, he tweeted that Damon was talented, but 'a shit to the rest of Blur'. In recent days he has again slagged off Damon. On the night of 11 May he tweeted that Damon was a 'pig' (which he later deleted, but you can see a screen grab here). Then on 17th May at the Ivor Novello Awards in London he was asked by a BBC 6Music presenter about Blur and replied: "Er... I'm going to pass on that one. I'm not feeling all that fond of Damon at the moment. I was out in Tokyo last week on this thing with Pharrel Williams, and Damon's name came up and I said 'oh you did a track, didn't you?' and he said 'oh I think so but it just kind of disappeared into nothing', and I said 'yeah, I think I had the same thing'. Shall we leave it at that?" this was recorded by 6Music and broadcast on their station on 18th May. Download the clip as an mp3 here

    Flea comments on Damon in connection with Africa Express
    NME.com recently uploaded a brief clip of Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (and part of Rocket Juice And The Moon) talking about working with Damon in Africa Express, which he describes as 'profound'. Check out the clip here.

    Damon in Munich
    Damon was in Munich on Saturday to cheer on his beloved Chelsea football club to victory in the UEFA Champion's League final - as he had previously hinted he might be. Twitter user @el_peligrino got a great photo which you can see here on Twitter.

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    Damon: 'Blur recording next week or week after, maybe 2 new songs live this summer' [posted by 2-J on Sunday 13 May 2012|13:34pm]
    Damon appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning promoting Dr.Dee and performed O Spirit, Animate Us.

    He also briefly chatted to Andrew Marr and said that Blur were recording 'next week or the week after' and that a 'couple' of new songs may be performed at Hyde Park (possibly at the other shows too).

    UPDATE: Video up for viewing worldwide on Youtube here.

    In the meantime, you can download mp3s of the chat and performance here:- Chat | O Spirit, Animate Us.

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    Blur warmup tourdates dates revealed; fan presale [posted by 2-J on Saturday 12 May 2012|21:33pm]
    Blur have recently been posting on their Facebook and Twitter that all interested fans should sign up to the mailing list on blur.co.uk ASAP in order to receive details of an exclusive presale for their summer warmup shows. Now the dates of the warmup tour have been revealed on the website of the Wolverhampton Civic Hall venue here. The dates are: 1st Margate Winter Gardens; Sun 5th and Mon 6th Wolverhampton Civic Hall and Tues 7th Plymouth Pavilions. The presale will begin on 9am on Wednesday 16th May (ahead of the general on-sale of Friday 18th). Everyone who has signed up to Blur.co.uk will be sent a link at 9am on Tuesday, which will go live 24 hours later when you can use it to enter Wednesday's pre-sale.

    Blur's announced dates for summer 2012 are now:-

    01/08/12 Margate Winter Gardens, Margate, UK
    05/08/12 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
    06/08/12 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
    07/08/12 Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth, UK
    08-12/08/12 Smukfest, Skanderborg, Denmark
    09-11/08/12 Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
    12/08/12 Hyde Park, London, UK
    (The Scandinavian festivals have not yet confirmed which particular date Blur will play)

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    More Dr.Dee video - 8 minute short film, Dancing King clip [posted by 2-J on Saturday 12 May 2012|11:35am]
    Some more promo video for Dr.Dee (thanks Liz for the tip!). This 8 minute clip featuring some material already seen on Damon's official Youtube channel and some new material, was shown on UK TV last week. Check it out on Vimeo here.

    And there's another clip drawing from the same footage (not yet uploaded to Damon's official Youtube channel) on Youtube here. (the rest of the clips in the series can be seen on Damon's official Youtube channel here.

    In related news, the Amsterdam showcase Dr.Dee gig has been uploaded to Youtube, so if you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can on Youtube here.

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    What is your favourite song on 'The Fall'?
    Phoner To Arizona
    Revolving Doors
    HillBilly Man
    Little Pink Plastic Bags
    The Joplin Spider
    The Parish of Space Dust
    The Snake In Dallas
    The Speak It Mountains
    Aspen Forest
    Bobby In Phoenix
    California And The Slipping Of The Sun
    Seattle Yodel

    "This is why, after reading the recent interview with Mr. Hewlett, I was stunned. He said, “But I don’t know if I accept the idea he’s underused. He has had quite a lot happen to him." For a good ten minutes, I sat, rocking back and forth in my chair. How could it be that Russel Hobbs was not an underused character? Sure, he speaks in Rise of the Ogre, in interviews. Sure, he went though the emotional pain of first witnessing the death of his best friend, then being possessed by him, then having his soul ripped from his body-but still. Why does Jamie think that Russel is just as equally used as, say, Noodle?

    Once I started to ponder the idea further, however, I realized something"

    Currently in the making. Anticipated 2010 release. All currently available information is here
    Monday 5 October
  • Guitar Hero in talks with Gorillaz to use an exclusive track on future Guitar Hero release
  • Gorillaz Sound System to play Romania show on 6 November

    Tuesday 29 September
  • Einar Örn Benediktsson and Mark E Smith contribute to Gorillaz track / other 3rd album info (UPDATE)

    Thursday 3 September
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble tweet about Gorillaz album / recording with Gorillaz (?)

    Wednesday 2 September
  • More details revealed about Gorillaz / The Horrors collaboration

    Tuesday 25 August
  • Omar Souleyman strongly rumoured to be appearing on Gorillaz album 3

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