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Einar Örn Benediktsson and Mark E Smith contribute to Gorillaz track / other 3rd album info (UPDATE)

UPDATE 30/09/09 14:10GMT :- Gorillaz' management have advised us that the article that appeared on the website icelandreview.com contains some false information. The article has now been removed from icelandreview.com .

In an interview with Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid, Einar Örn Benediktsson has spoken of how he took part in recording sessions for a Gorillaz track in London last week.

“I’m in a song with Mark E. Smith, he is the captain and I’m the parrot,” he commented

he is also reported as saying:-

- Gorillaz' third album is more accessible and more entertaining than their two previous albums.
- Bobby Womack, Lou Reed and Barry Gibb will appear on the album
- A cartoon of him as a parrot is in the making.
- A new version of the Gorillaz website will launch in February

Einar Örn Benediktsson is a former member of the Sugarcubes (Bjork's old band) and is also part of Ghostigital, who featured on the Gorillaz' track 'Stop The Dams', a B-Side to the single El Manana / Kids With Guns. Mark E Smith is best known as the man behind the UK band The Fall.

You can read the original report of this story on the website icelandreview.com here Article now removed.

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